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  1. What do you think bottom fishers? Will AMR be a multi-bagger at this point? The safest bet right now is...LUV....discuss...
  2. Airline stocks suck, never buy Airline stocks. Plenty of better things to put your money into. Airline stocks and Microsoft are not the stocks you put your money into.
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    Do you know how you become a millionaire?

    Take a billion dollars and buy an airline stock.

    discuss.............discuss..............discuss..............uh yeah, seeing that this is a DISCUSSion forum, I believe most ETr's will get the idea to add to a thread. Good or bad.
  4. You guys are missing the point. American, JBlu, DAL, etc. are just like options right now. They could either become worthless at a certain point or the return could be extraordinary. American traded at 40 dollars at one point and now fetches around 8.

    I wouldnt be opposed to throwing a small amount of cash, say 5 grand, at American. In 12 months, it could be back to 40 dollars if oil comes down hard enough. That 5 grand could easily turn to 25 grand.
  5. Is there any benefit to owning an Airline as a synthetic oil put rather than owning an outright crude oil future put? I can't think of one, not with the Airlines losing money if crude stays where it is (just like the a put would lose time premium).
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    It looks like a pretty bearish chart at the moment. Base trend is over, in fact there was a nice short possibility (red arrow) when it pulled back and turned down from the broken trend line.

    If you look it as a trader, there is no reason to go long at the moment. I've marked two long entries in the past (yellow arrows). Compare them to the current situation.

    In short term I think it may go back to 11.4 or to touch it's upper trend line, but I wouldn't think of going long until it breaks out and does one pull back at least (higher bottom).

    Never trade against the trend.

    Hope it helps you decide.
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