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  1. If anyone has a thought, of any description, pertaining to the marvels and wonders of stuff generally, here's a thread for it.

    Profundity is not a prerequisite, but brevity is.

    Thought for the day;

    Why do so many bog roll manufacturers, have puppies in there add's, or on the packaging?

    Nobody, but nobody, wipes their butt with a puppy, that's just weird.
  2. Weird? Whenever one of my dogs has puppies I wipe my butt
    with one of them. Saves on toilet paper... You know, saving trees?...

    I can care less what my puppies smell like as long as I am saving trees...

  3. Says Mr. "Ill inherit 20 million dollars".

    Well, you could afford the best then.
    And theres no trees where these things live, so job's right environmentally.
    Or at least it would be, if your stoopid dogs werent phosphating the water flows, interrupting the humboldt currents and causing these cute, cuddwy furrwy wwiddel cwitters to be too few in number to deal with your extensive sanitary needs.

    Poorw widdwle cwitterws.

  4. "Why do so many bog roll manufacturers, have puppies in there add's, or on the packaging?"

    Animals and kids are "soft" & "safe" advertising. How do you advertise a difficult product or too lazy to be more creative, put a kid in an ad or an animal.

    Ps. The geico ad lizard is to get kids "locked in" when they get older and need insurance. I'd say it is the best idea yet. The lizard gets their attention when they are young and remember it when they get a car and need insurance.
  5. maxpi


    thought for the day: never try to second guess dumb people
  6. Thought for the day:

    Why do answering machines still have that " wait for the beep first before you leave a message"? Shit heads! Answering machines are 30+ years old now...we don't need to be coached!..five year olds get it!


    WHy do they always say " When you have finished you may hang up"? Really dumb ass? I was gonna leave a message and then hang around for five hours and hope they come home!
  7. Does anybody really "hang up" anymore? I haven't seen one of those phones in 20 years.

  8. That is odd, huh.......nobody says "ok, im gonna push end now, cya."

    Thought for the day;

    Chinese takeout is SOooooo overpriced, its do they keep getting away with it?
  9. Thought for the day

    Why do so many people start dumb threads on ET?...

    (This is one of them in case you are too stupid to notice)...
  10. BTW... Kind of weird you even had this thought you frickin' poor ass pervert...
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