Those who cannot spell cannot trade

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Arthur Deco, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. "France welcomes, appeases Lybia's Gaddafi"

    If poor TorontoTrader2 thinks that's where "Lybia" is, where does he think "Labia" are?
  2. Seems to me, most of europe appeased the gadaffi duck clan-gotta love diplomatic immunity.

    Although, perhaps everyone missed his royal gadddafi'ness barb about two party democracy, stating something along the lines that libya won't budge from its truly democratic system of town councils and grassroots style democratic votes and consultation.

    A system Perot champignoned, if i recall persactly.

    I guess having his adopted daughter killed by US fighter bombers in their raid on his headquarter's made him realise the frailty of life, and he seems to have turned a corner, from a murdering bastard despot, to a real man of peace.
    Awwww. Can he get a spot on oprah?

    What a guy-and he seems so sincere, too.