Those who believe in fundamental analysis, explain this!

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  1. At this morning news release (about US) eur/usd went down, and AUD/USD went up. Since the news was about USD and no other news was released for the other two currencies, then how come that a news about the USD could be bullish in one case and bearish in the other?

    If you want my explanation, let me know. But let others take a try at it.

    Could someone post the price chart of both pairs between 8:30AM and 11AM?
  2. Erm, no other news? Might it be possible that you have overlooked that whole insignificant episode of an ECB meeting (I am referring to the press-conference, obviously)?
  3. Maybe you should include the EUR/AUD and learn how currency markets work.
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    both fundamental and technical analysis are subordinates to the cyclical action of the prices. decipher the cycles of price and rest is a matter of supporting confirmations.

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  5. No sense in both going DOWN, someone's gotta flow love to the tits.
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    There was a USD-related economic release, but EURUSD plummeted because of a press conference held by Jean-Claude Trichet at the same time. EURUSD traders did not like what he had to say.
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    Look into forex triangulation to enhance your understanding.

  8. Fixed
  9. Could you expand on that a bit? In PM if more appropriate.