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  1. Hi guys, firstly please go easy- it's my first post!

    I'm thinking of starting up my own website and I was wondering if people using the IQFeed API could show me some simple code they use to receive the data.

    I am a programmer, more experienced in Java, but I do know C++ and C.

    Thanks in advance
  2. vikana

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    How about you start with the Java sample code they give out?

    hint: it actually works!
  3. promagma


    Samples come with the SDK but they would probably give you some free if you asked.

    But anyway, in Java it is really easy. Launching the client & login is automatic with one function call, you open a socket to a local port, subscribe tickers, and then it is just parsing the text messages from the socket. As far as APIs go .... it is quite nice.
  4. crmorris


    anybody got a python sample for iqfeed connect / parse / process? nothing complicated, just some basics.
  5. hint: i presume you need to register for it, before they hand it out ;)
  6. Meant to reply to this (much) earlier, but forgot. I've posted an example here:
  7. Craig66


    It's better than the TWS API, but then most everything is.
    One stupid thing that IQFeed does with their API is in the news messages, for some reason they use commas as field separators (which is different from the separator they use for quote messages), this really decision really begins to bear fruit when you get news messages where the text contains commas. Go figure...
  8. I've never parsed an IQFeed news message, but I have parsed their quotes in several languages. Separator is a comma.
  9. crmorris


    i'll run this sometime next week. i really appreciate the sample. thank you!