"Those That Can, Do. Those That Can't, Teach."

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  1. 1) Who believes this is generally true?

    2) Who believes this has applicability to traders and/or investors?
  2. And don't forget: "Those who can't teach, teach teachers."
  3. E23


    practice--> teach

    practice$--> teach

    practice$$--> teach

    teaching improves my performance & it makes me feel good
  4. Rocko1


    My professor of finance is a total jackoff.

    First day of class-
    "I had pumped dumb money into the New Zealand stock market and lost it all in the crash of 87; as I lost money, therefore the markets are completely unpredictable and risky. Now this is how you value stocks... "
  5. I can do

    I can teach

    therefore I do both...

    Why is it an exclusive choice...

    But there are a lot of finance professors who never really trade and I do not understand how they can teach about the market..
  6. Rocko1


    I think it's because the school has a limited budget on wages for the professors. It's sad how much dumb money'll turn out as the result of these classes.
  7. Not a small distinction here - I asked "who believes this is generally true?"

    There will always be exceptions to be any generality.

    But is there a general truth here?

    I am thinking that I would not to want share true money making information with anyone, not out of selfishness, but because it would adversely impact my own performance.

    This would be even more true if I was running OPM.

    Why would anyone want to share the holy grail if they found it?
  8. I was kidding in my earlier post in this thread. I don't agree with the basic premise at all.

    In fact, the subjects I know the best I reinforced in myself by teaching others. Teaching others is actually good for learning a topic better yourself.
  9. NYU has some mega-earners on the payroll. Columbia has Von Mueffling as an AAP.
  10. You said teach, teaching has nothing to do with Holy Grail lol. teaching someone what options are and how they work is not giving away a secret proprietary trading system.
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