Those of you techys, what are you trading on?

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  1. I'm a part-time currency trader and while I'm quite experienced in my field, I work quite remotely around the globe and have little access and community with other traders. While most of the time forums and industry specific articles cover most of what I need to know, there really aren't any good resources on the computer/supercomputer setups used by brokers and trader(I'm talking workstation computers, not the servers.)

    I'm running a fairly standard i7 rig for gaming with 4x 24" LCDs. I assembled this system myself with personal preference and cost advantages in my situation. However I am aware that there are entire product lines devoted to the sole use of business and high intensity workstations.

    The ASUS P5W64 WS Professional, for example, was a workstation-class motherboard commonly known as the "Wall Street Quartet". What is its equivalent these days and what are other traders using?
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  3. I am unclear on your premise. Are you inquiring whether your current machine is adequate for your needs? Or are you just interested in other trader's systems? If so, there is a thread at the top of this forum that chronicles various trading set-ups.
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    Not everyone is as sincere as you with their inquiries. Note the similarities to your thread and the OP's post count. Doesn't that strike you as an odd coincidence after y'days outing by Atticus? Your time is more valuable...
  5. Wow, either your brains are computing on a higher echelon.. or I just don't get your reasoning.

    Yes, I'm new to the forum - but you must have sooo much trash pass through here to riff on a such a sincere and harmless post. (I hope that's the case, otherwise it would just be outright rude.)

    Reading over some of the other articles, I'm appalled with the level of integrity on this website. You're a forum/community of professional traders, act as such!

    .... That being said. I am a tech guy and recreational power abuser, anyone else out there who wants to point me in the direction of a good next choice for MB, or any other gear for that matter, please continue the post(I just picked a aftermarket Asus P6T7 WS - thinking of setting up dual side-by-side rigs with this. One for chart streams and one for execution).

    I'm also interested to hear what the PROFESSIONALS on this site are trading with. What some of you infant traders may not know is that hardware is designed for specific purposes, as there have been boards for gaming, there have been boards for trading.

    + Doobs789 - Thanks! I saw the thread at the top of the forum with the photos, but that's not really touching on what I'm looking for (Except the trading desk on the private island, that's got my love)
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    The subject has been discussed extensively past few weeks
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  9. Thanks for the unbiased responses guys. I appreciate your direction; however I have read over those threads, and they are not really what I'm looking for(my fault on not elaborating the title).

    I know my ins and outs of all computer hardware quite well, having worked in that industry for over 4 years. I'm not so much concerned as to what is needed to trade or how to setup my system. Trading can essentially be done from the 1990s IBM in your parents' den.

    More so I wanted to see if there were any traders with a passion for technology, who would want to touch base on the current trends as I've been out of the loop as of late.

    I've thoroughly read over the most recent hardware threads, and it seems a lot of the contributors are using mid-retail/economy line hardware. And essentially would be classified as PCs(Personal Computers), and not TradeStations or WorkStations.

    For example in a hedgefund - you will find analysts on standard Dell Optiplex or similar stations, however traders and floor managers will generally have custom built Xeon/Opteron systems(possibly now replaced by i7 Ex) if not higher.

    Dell(For US) or Eizo are fairly standard for monitors. Peripherals are usually custom or special order.

    If you opened up some floor managers' rig one of these would likely be the motherboard you find inside.

    ASUS - Z7S WS

    Asus L1N64-SLI WS


    Accompanied by white-label ram, SAS or NAS hard disks in Raid configuration, and Nvidia cards in grade similar to those used in MAC desktops.

    Lian Li Pc-D8000

    Comes to mind as a typical housing, there are some other boutique brands but can't recall.
  10. Taking into consideration the excessive uninterrupted periods traders are exposed to their screens. Dell and Eizo grade LCDs* were a fairly accepted norm(along with a few misplaced models from other mfgs).

    Does anyone know if the playing field has been leveled now with the emergence of IPS and LED technology? (MATTE.. I'm assuming that the insanity/dangers of staring for long periods at glossy screens is already common knowledge. )

    Some screens from AOC have caught my attention, aesthetically they are stellar with the aluminum. Performance and price are also quite attractive.

    In case any of you are still undecided on monitor solution, these models might be worth a looksee.

    AOC i2353ph
    AOC i2367fh


    Anyone have any suggestions on current models aesthetically similar to these two?
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