Those greedy Goldman whispers...

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  1. We could be polite and call it a “read-across” — from JP Morgan’s Q3 out-performance.
    Or we could just say what it is: bull guff, put around by excitable types in the equity markets who see yet another leg in the Great Flash Rally of 2009.

    Doing the rounds on Wednesday:

    GS: Hearing EPS will be north of $6…whisper whisper

    - Whisper for GS tomorrow is $6.00/share vs consensus of $4.17
    - Due 1230pm BST tomorrow.
    - Who would really be shocked at this stage?

    With JPM having smashed consensus estimates, and the DJIA on the verge of regaining the 10,000 level, the chatter was understandable.

    And unverifiable.

    In any case, Meredith Whitney for one reckons we should all stop being so greedy, as far as Goldman is concerned.

    Remember, this stock market rally began with Goldman. Could it end with Goldman?
    All will be revealed on Thursday.
  2. I'm confused. How could it end with the Vampire squid when it's set to crush earnings again?
  3. S2007S


    I don't think GS is going to have a problem making $5.00, I think $6.00 is a given at this point.

    $4.17 100% chance

    $5.00+ 99.9% chance

    $6.00+ 98.3% chance

  4. $5.77
  5. Good to know. What about betting they can repeat it the next quarter ?