Those "Financial Wizards" Will be subsidized by taxpayers

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  1. Another Negative Doom and Gloom Post.

    Everyone run for cover!!
  2. So what exactly are all those people going to do other than suck more taxpayer money and collect pensions?

    over 3800 openings created for them.

    Interestingly enough salaries more than doubled for them.

    Salaries at the Treasury can range from $143,000 up to $196,700 a year.

    And the SEC says it needs experience in the following areas:

    Industry professionals
    Salaries were as low as $72,000 a year at the SEC in 2002, buy now are closer to $135,000 a year including bonuses.
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    Call me paranoid but why am I beginning to believe it's the government and the financial hieracrchy in league with the government and various other special interests versus the hard working middle class which is rapidly becoming the lower class.
    Government employees receive:
    Benefits for government work can include:

    10 paid federal holidays
    13 – 26 days of vacation
    13 days of sick leave each year
    Flexible work schedules and/or telework
    Choice of subsidized health insurance
    Portable 401(k) type savings and investment plan with matching contributions
    Pension plan
    Public transportation subsidies
    Tuition assistance and student loan repayment

    The above is often supported by people who get 5 Holdays, 5 days vacation (which isn't taken) 0 sicks days (or be fired) and 0 zero eveything else above.
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    It really is private sector versus public sector and has been for quite a while... currently the public sector is winning...

    The entire public sector should be limited to five percent of the GNP and then they could enforce the borders and defend us from attack here at home......
  5. Salaries were as low as $72,000 a year at the SEC in 2002, buy now are closer to $135,000 a year including bonuses.

    Above is a quote from ... (well, don;t recall): do SEC employees really get bonuses? I used to get performance bonuses from a city gov't simply for showing up to work.

    Is this accurate? If so, let's raise a stink in congress about bonuses paid to the "watchmen". They no more deserve reward than the fools they wanted to be (the bankers).
  6. KOS, the government won't be able to sustain such hiring or salaries, and will ultimately have to lay all these people off and more, if tax revenues plunge at the levels they are projected to - that is, unless China, Japan, South Korea and other saving nations want to pass the hat around each year and donate large sums of cash to us 'just because they love us so much.'
  7. are they hiring traders too?

    what about quants?

    with a fancy job title; Senior Financial Engineer and Global Securities Analyst


    A Bachelors Degree in any field
    Ability to communicate in English
    Must be able and willing to work with trading applications
    Must be able and willing to submit buy orders
    Must understand terms such as Volume, 52Wk High, Limit Order

    Knowledge of Microsoft Office Word is a plus

    Compensation: 90K - 160K+
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    The closest thing to eternal life in this world is a governrmnt agency.
  9. Where can I get an application? This looks too good to be true!! Do I even have to show up for work? Do I get a shovel to lean on? Is there a cafeteria that serves hot meals?

    I have lots more questions.
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