Those are the best trading days...

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    When you are negative like you rarely are, you are doubting, you think your edge is gone, and all of a sudden you make it back and more like nothing happened ...

    That's what happened to me today. I was down like I haven't been for 1 year( more than 1K ... rare for me ), and I finished + 463$.

    That's really better than smooth sailing 'cause losses wake you up.

    Even last week, I broke my one day record and it was not that good.

  2. balda


    averaging down I presume?
  3. ?......excessive leverage........undercapitalization.........random entries and exits.
  4. Strutter


    These have been great days i agree, excpet for today. Lots of noise today, and probably tomorrow too up till quarter past 2
  5. why boast about it :(
  6. TraDaToR


    I'm a profitable scalper making - 300/+ 2000 $ on average with few down days...I was just asking if other day traders/scalpers like those days when you make a comeback...not asking for reasons why I have been 1K down in the day...


    Nobody like this feeling of coming back ?
  7. Why ET has the appearance of either completely delusional or largely FOS traders.

    A). Out of a sample of several thousand semi-active posters, on any given day a percentage of them will close the day with a profit.

    B). Out of the same sample, the losing traders won't post as it would kill the image they have of themselves.

    C). The uninitiated and naive kids that run around here will grandiose ideas of trading will fixate on the limited sample of winning traders (even though for the most part the names change pretty frequently).

    D). Ultimately the uninitiated will falsely surmise that the techniques that are promoted will work for them. Yet, they will largely ignore the fact that this place is an open door of constant turnover.
  8. Der-----There's no turnover here at ET. The number of members grows higher and higher with no downticks.
  9. Turnover, in this example, means guys retiring a series of user names when their credibility is shot and/or they make a bad prediction, etc.

    Turnover also implies there are alot of now defunct user names. After all, of the entire number of users registered over the past 8-9 years, a very small percentage of those people still post.
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    FOS trader?

    I don't usually do that 'cause I think it's stupid, but here's my month:


    On my IB account I made 3 more K. Those using TS know that those are real trades( TradeManager Analysis ). Perhaps I am undercapitalized, I dunno, but I consider myself doing quite a good job. You can consider it is the only up month I have had in a while, I don't care...

    I just feel lame to have posted yesterday cause I was happy of my recovery and lame to have to post my performance 'cause it has nothing to do with the topic...

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