Thornburg Mortgage Halted.. BK ?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Thornburg Mortgage halted for news pending

    Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:38PM EDT

    NEW YORK, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Trading in shares of U.S. mortgage lender Thornburg Mortgage Inc (TMA.N: Quote, Profile, Research) were halted on Tuesday afternoon for pending news.

    Thornburg shares had fallen $6.67, or 46.7 percent, to $7.61 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange prior to the halt. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel)

    Load the hell up once it resumes and play the cover bounce a la NEWC, AHM, etc.!!!!!!!Love it!!!!!
  3. Heck yeah..... another BK run
  4. I don't understand... Cramer said it was a buy at $23.
  5. Jander


    He must absolutley love it at $7 then :D
  6. Looks like tomorrow morning. Load the hell up!
  7. I thought so. I thought he drummed it up. Of course, he;ll own up the mistake immediately.

    Makes you wanna plunk down for "Action Alerts Plus", doesn't it?
  8. Hey pumpie, the day you hold 10k shares of one of these and it halts forever, you let us know.
  9. You are such a piker it's embarrassing.

    Who gives a shit if he buys 10,000 shares after a BK announcement. It would most likely open at or below $1.00 . WHo cares if it gets halted and it never trades again?

    For you, it would take months delivering pizzas for Dominos to recoup your loss, but for real traders its just a bad trade.
  10. Yes... I need to colo my pager to get the information ahead of the crowd.
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