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  1. Always one of my favorite superheros! Can it be a super stock? There is a Nov FDA panel meeting on their HeartMate 2 product. A positive outcome would fire off shares. It is for that reason i found it interesting that CFO Walter Bennett purchased $456K's worth
    9/17 @ $19.83. Now this has not been reported widely yet so you have a leg up. In fact I've only got the name from one guy and the activity from another and drawing the lines I expect Thompson to get caught up next week. See if you can locate the buy but if it does exist and I think it does then it's a least a blessing before a very important panel meeting and perhaps our CFO has a " good feeling " about communications that have gone back n' forth between the co and the FDA??

    Bought 550 shares.
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    Thanks for the hint, stoney. Looks favorable. Long from $50.70
  3. Barron’s Online “Inside Scoop” section reports that Walter Bennett, the CFO for Thor Industries (THOR) bought $456K in Thor shares on Fri. The buy represents the first insider purchase at Thor in almost 4ys.
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    Actually, Thor Industries has the ticker symbol THO, not THOR (which is Thoratec). There hasn't been any insider purchase for 4 years?
  5. Oh Marcel bless you. This is what ET is all about.

    I will get Barrons that info asap. And I have managed to buy the wrong stock! How funny if it goes up today!!!

    Thanks again. ~ stoney
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    Haha! Initially I bought THOR as well and carefully closed my THO position today at a small profit. Which stock is it now? :) And what FDA approval are they expecting and when?
  7. Thoratic could be a big winner Marcel. they have a product an implantable artificial heart it supposed to last 2 years but there's some Chinese chick working on quite a few more. The FDA has had issues with their 2nd generation product and the stk has been dead for a long time- edging higher. I remember this as to being A Nov panel meeting. I'll straighten up the p"s & q"s in a bit. Kind of deciding weather to hold it or not now that I'm in. Ultimate boo boo-I've inverted symbols before, but rarely to this extent! It's funny-- word of mouth stuff -a guy says Thor has insider buying and I just ran with it how could there be another Thor???? It's good when after twenty years in the game you can still laugh at yourself now and then.... ~ stoney