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    I was wondering if anyone has used Thomson One. I have been using ATF for 5 years now and I have been contacted by Thomson and they are doing away with ATF. From what I have heard Thomson One is not a good product. But they say that they have enhanced Thomson One and "the content and functionality you know for ATF has been built into the Thomson One platform." I was just wondering if anyone has used the New and Improved Thomson One product and what they think of it. Should I give them shot or just switch over to esignal?
  2. I use it everyday. Any particular questions?
  3. Depends on how involved your setup is.
    For example, do you use or trade several hundred symbols?
    If not, then eSignal might be a good choice.

    btw, did you get a quote per month for the new Thompson One?
    I had atFinancial before and their feed server was rock solid.
  4. switch to esignal my friend told me he hates it. i here it also sucks alot of power out of your computer. esignal is not as good as AT but its not bad.
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    Have they integrated many of the ATF features into THomson one?

    Ex. Time n sales, Being about to link everthing, is it easy on the eye?

  6. If it has the ability to link I have not found out how to do it. The charts just plain suck. If it is monday you can only view one days worth of intraday data even though you have 5 days as a default. No 30 or 60 minute choices. If you draw a trendline and then change tickers it will show up on all charts within the price range of the trendline. It seems that thompson is more for the Inst type investor/trader....and they have forgetten their Daytrading roots. not to mention that fact that when i have it open it pegs my CPU suage to 100% most of the the time. all in all if it was not free I would can it......
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    Sounds like Thomson One is geared more toward instinctual clients and might not be that good for Day Trading..
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    They have not given my a price quote?
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    Just got another letter from Thomson. They are extending A T financial for another month.

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    I am going to miss my AT. I love it! It is by far the best software on the street,

    My firm is switching over to eSignal. The software is horrible. I have spent 2 weeks trying to make it look like my AT (which I also spent weeks designing) and the eSignal still looks like crap!

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