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  1. Hi

    is this a good research and financial db resource?

    anyone knows about it, price, features?

  2. Thomson offers a range of products, generally of excellent quality and good bang-for-the buck, and this is true especially of Thomson1.

    Certainly if you're seeking a "Bloomberg replacement" its worth a close look.

    Drop my sales coverage terrence/dot/dyra/at/thomsonreuters/dot/com a line for pointers to more info.
  3. Can you give me a price range?
  4. I don't want to mis-speak, since it's highly dependent on what features are enabled & etc. But people often think in terms of ~half the BBG price when they talk about Thompson1.

    Drop my sales coverage terrence/dot/dyra/at/thomsonreuters/dot/com a line for the real story, if you'd like.
  5. Actually, if what you're asking is whether it's a retail- or institutional- level product, the answer is the latter. Pricing would be of the order of ~$1000/month. They aren't trying to compete with retail products such as
  6. phill, T1A is a great resource, but quite expensive imho, i use to have it when i still had a job lol

    try googling: passwords
    and you probably get some working pass for a few days, theres a few working right now:

    user: nlc
    pass: vacaria

    user: jamhong
    pass: 49gh1956right

    and so on

    i guess thomson is constantly checking these leaks, but at least you can check their service for a few days for free

    Hope this helps
  7. Well, I guess that takes the level of the discussion down a couple of notches..
  8. thanks for the info Rodney, I guess it's a little above my price range, although it's the best service of it's kind.

    rob, thanks a lot, the password works great :D :D :D :D