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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gimp570, Nov 28, 2003.

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    I am looking for anyone that has had any experience with Thomson ONE analytic VS A T financial. I realize that AT financial is going to stop supporting ATF come New Years. From what I have heard Thomson One is not a very impressive piece of software. I have been using ATF for about 5 years now and will really miss it when it is gone. Has anyone made a change from ATF to another software and are happy with there move? Was your adjustment difficult or is there other software that is similar to ATF? I really like AT time N Sales. Any info or software suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Gimp, we have exchanged PM`s on this subject but I just had one more thing to ad on the AT-TOA conversion. It appears to me that with thompson one they are trying to appeal more toward the fund manager or investment advisor type of trader. Thats probably why they "fixing what aint broke". Feeling the crunch just like everyone else in the day trading biz.

    Good luck
  3. You are right that Thompson One has room for improvement. Just speaking generally, they should have more options that are similar to AT Financial.
  4. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I realize what a POS it is. This thing has many bugs and is not all that user friendly. And how the hell do you close the stupid windows you don't want?
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    So what is the best alternative to ATF? Who has similar software that will make the move easier? For those who have used AT in the past, what software are they using now or what software are they planning to switch to come New Years? What was the adjustment like?
  6. eSignal Support

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    In case it helps, I know we've had quite a few AT users switch to eSignal over the last year or so, especially since we introduced pop-out windows in ver 7.3. You might even want to look at eSignal Pro since it's aimed more at the institutional market.

    We can also set-up a layout and/or pages similiar to a competitive service and save them on our File Share for a customer to use to make the transition easier. To learn more, please give our Sales Dept. a call at 1-800-835-7113.

  7. Does E-signal pro offer dynamic VWAP by time and price?
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    We do offer VWAP in our Standard Charting but that functionality hasn't been moved over to our Advanced Charting module quite yet so it's a bit more limited in use. I'm attaching a screenshot of how we display VWAP in a Standard Chart.

    If you are looking to replace very specific features, I would recommend you calling our Sales Staff and they'll have eSignal running and can walk through what you are looking for. 1 800-835-7113.

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    I just got a letter in the mail, today from Thomson and they are extending ATF until Jan. 31 2004. They are also working on Thompson and they say "the content and functionality you know from AT financial has been built into the thomson one platform" I have not seen it. But from what I have heard from others on this board. Thomson is making a big mistake doing away with ATF. I sure hope that the upgrades to Thomson make it as user friendly as AT