Thompson Drops out, will this help Huck

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Fred Thompson has just announced he is dropping out of the race. I saw him several times in Iowa and you could tell his heart was not really in it. That was very obvious Saturday night when he spoke as well. Unfortunatly with Thompson out I think that a lot of his vote goes over to Hucklebee who showed us by losing in SC to the most conservative base of voters in the country that he does not have a chance in a general election. Anyone have thoughts or opinions on this and how it plays out?
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    i think it comes down to mccain vs hillary, because it's the biggest non-choice there is
  3. By looking at polls coming out of Florida, Thompson dropping out helps Huck a bit and Mitt quite a bit. That is unless Fred endorses Mac. Without that endorsement, Mac and Rudy just saw their chances of winning Florida get smaller.

    Fred was the most conservative of the candidates thus far. He alone caused the Mac win is SC. Only registered GOP voters are allowed to vote in Florida primary. 60% of them saw Fred as conservative, while about 45% said the same of Mitt and Huck. Conversely, Mac and Rudy came in at 21% and 14% respectively when asked the same question.

    51% of voters said they are certain how they will vote, with a plurality of those going with Mitt. Huck is barely edging out Mitt among evangelicals, and Mitt is killing everyone among "conservatives". Mitt has 28% of proclaimed conservatives with second place going to Rudy at 18%.

    So you can see why I'm saying that no endorsement of Mac from Fred likely means that Mitt wins it. Most of Fred's voters end up going to Mitt who is obviously the most popular among conservatives. This has been obvious in almost every state as Mitt consistently wins among those who call themselves conservative republicans.
  4. i find it very hard to fathom the elite want John McCain's baggage exposed. if he becomes the nominee we will hear some horrible things about this man. thats fine with me.. but i will believe it when i see it. my guess is they are stuck with Mitt.
  5. Excellent analysis. They should have you on one of the cable shows.

    I wonder if Mitt didn't whisper in Fred's ear and say, you're my VP? I think that would be their strongest ticket.
  6. Nah, I'm too objective for a show on either side, and I actually know how to accurately present statistical figures. None of the cable shows want fair and balanced analysis.

    Anyway, I had wondered the same thing a while back, seeing that a MITT/Fred pairing is the best after the elections are over. Mitt/Rudy is an unstoppable ticket for the general elections, but Fred is the better VP once elected.
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    Don't know about Huck. This just out today.
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    What I find somewhat amusing is that these candidates are spending millions upon millions to get a job that pays something like $400,000 a year.
  9. Huckabee is broke, so is McCain.

    Ron Paul is tugging along strong, against the odds. Stop being little b*tches who lay down for the establishment and start supporting him. Grow a pair of balls already and stand up for yourself.
  10. I like him, but don't agree with several of his positions. I'd like to see him appointed secretary of treasury or something. I don't trust him as Commander in Chief.
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