Thomas Sowell - Povert and Dependence.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Amazing how you can plug in one of these videos from 30 years ago and the exact same thing is still happening and the situation has gotten worse, when will people wake up?

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  2. I have the entire collection of Sowell's books and articles in my library. My oldest daughter has been reading them and using them for research for her school reports. Great stuff.
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    They have to want to first. Right now, they don't even want to.
  4. When they have no food / water
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    Max E.

    Sowell is the man, I also have read many of his books, conservatives, and libertarians dont need to change their principles after the election on tuesday.

    What we really need to do is start a massive campaign with guys like Sowell leading the charge, whereby we campaign heavily in black and minority neighborhoods, and ask them exactly where the last 30 years of rule by democrats has gotten them.

    One of the core principles of conservative and libertarian ideology has been school choice based on a voucher system, instead of geography, If we could get organised and show some balls, and walk into minority communities that have been decimated by liberal policy, i dont see how we could possibly lose the minority vote in the next election.

    Left wing ideology has been the single greatest cause of poverty, especially amongst minorities, in U.S. history, all conservatives need to do is cut through the demagoguery and reach out to the people who have been a victim of it.
  6. It's the "devil you know" versus the "devil you don't know" at work in these improverished, high crime areas. The politics of fear rules every decision. Just tonight I was talking to a friend who related all of his "pro-Obama" feedback...and not suprisingly, it was all about fear over Medicare cuts, or fear over restrictions on some other perk and benefit, anti-union sentiment, etc, etc...and this was across a sampling of middle class voters...seriously, it all comes back to this same demographic of takers versus producers..and no matter what, the people who have lived their life expecting the government to give them what they need to sustain themselves will never vote for any candidate that advocates personal responsiblity..

    No matter what all these commie dogs and racists around here come up with as a so-called "valid" excuse for voting Democrat, it's bullshit.
  7. Socialism for the Rich

    Thomas Sowell (2006.10.02 ) Politics


    A very different form of socialism for the rich protects their communities from even the dangers of a free market. A whole array of laws and policies prevents outsiders from buying up property near them, even when these outsiders are ready to pay prices determined by supply and demand, rather than by eminent domain.

    For example, the “open space” laws that have spread across the country to protect upscale communities represent one of the biggest collectivizations of land since the days of Josef Stalin.

    Upscale residents say that they have a right to protect “our community.” But not even the rich own the whole community.

    They own what they paid for — their own individual property. But they get the government to collectivize the often vastly larger surrounding property, in order to keep the unwashed masses from settling near them and spoiling their views.

    Moreover, they wrap themselves in the mantle of idealism while doing this and denounce the “selfishness” of those who would stoop to building homes or apartments to house others, just to make money.

    “Developer” is a cuss word to those who wax indignant in their righteous zeal to keep other people out. Why can’t these money-grubbing developers just inherit money, like so many of the upscale idealists?

    Meanwhile, back in the working class neighborhood in Riviera Beach, it is being defended legally by the Institute for Justice, one of the few “public interest” organizations that deserve the name.
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    I've been saying that Republicans need to go after the minority votes. I can even give them the ammo to start fighting with.

    I really am starting to think that they are racists and don't want to go there. I heard a Latino woman that called in to a talk show. She said that she has thirty years experience marketing products to Latinos and she offered her help with the elections for free to the Republican party hq and that nobody contacted her...