Thomas Sowell on Racism

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    "Polling Shows That Sources Of Racism Are Now Reversed "

    "...The moral claims advanced by generations of black leaders — claims that eventually touched the conscience of the nation and turned the tide toward civil rights for all — have now been cheapened by today's generation of black "leaders," who act as if it is all just a matter of whose ox is gored..."

    "...The time is long overdue to stop looking for progress through racial or ethnic leaders. Such leaders have too many incentives to promote polarizing attitudes and actions that are counterproductive for minorities and disastrous for the country."

    We all know who these leaders are. No names need to be mentioned. They are the ones who would most likely use the word "Uncle" when referring to Mr. Sowell.
  2. They are all Democrats.
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    this is a interesting stat from that article.


    Apparently other Americans also recognize that the sources of racism are different today from what they were in the past. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 31% of blacks think that most blacks are racists, while 24% of blacks think that most whites are racist.

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    You mean like school vouchers?
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    If you like. Should there be in the US such a thing as school vouchers?
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    the right is all about equality of opportunity... so the answer is yes.

    the left is about equality through compression of outcomes thereby progressively punishing the successful or those who work harder and earn more or those who sacrifice and save and invest. Or mixing and matching kids in classes instead of tracking them in elementary school.
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    So we should have school vouchers, at least for the time being (until we get rid of the Satan possessed liberals), because we do not currently have equal opportunity?
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    Depends. Was that child born in the U.S.A. or in Russia?
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