Thomas Peterffy, founder and CEO of Interactive Brokers.

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    The Hungarian-born billionaire, who ranks as the richest person in Florida — with a net worth of $25.7 billion, according to Forbes — predicted that the stock market could see a tumble of as much as 15%, if the so-called blue wave materializes. Even if the Democrats take only the House, the founder of Interactive Brokers said the market could face a 2% or 3% decline in equity values.
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    How is it possible to create $25.7 billion owning IB software?
    Is it possible that he is trading and using statistical data from his clients to have an edge?
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    IB a buggy piece of software that raises complaints here by the week more than all other trading software combined, and he's worth $25.7 billion???
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    Every complex software has bugs. Been using IB for over 10 years with no major issues. Just need to know its pitfalls.
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  5. That "IB raises complaints here by the week more than all other trading software" is in itself a strong testament to the quality and success of IB.
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    the large number of complaints are raised by the numerous midget traders who are on ET.
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    be serious.
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    Keep in mind...a significant portion of that $25B is commissions I've paid to them over the years.
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    What a maroon. What does he define as "the market"? He should look at the "the market" once in a while. We've had a few 2-3% declines in October in a single day. Who is he trying to spook at this point? He can bite my chode.
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