Thomas Dorsey Point & Figure Charting Video Workshop 2 VHS

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  1. I am selling Thomas Dorsey's Point and Figure Charting Video Seminar 2 VHS not available anywhere:

    Great way to get up to speed with Point & Figure Charting.

    I am also selling 12-VHS Turtle Concept Mentoring course by Russell Sands for the price of a weekend seminar:

    Richard Dennis, William Eckhart and the Turtles have been interviewed by Jack Schwager in his "Market Wizards" series. This 12-VHS video seminar given by Russell Sands goes into much more depth than the few pages of Turtle System public domain information... I am also including the 427 page Turtle note manual.

    Starting bid at $499 (Retail at $5000)
  2. Why didn't you post it here first to give us a shot at it before listing it on eBay?

    Instead, you list it on eBay for the last 7 days and now with only 20 hours to go and you only have 2 bids with a high bid price of only $1.00 over your starting price, you now come here and needing help, you NOW let us know about it!!

    Merry Christmas to you to!