This Woman Has Got 'It"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by flytiger, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Tired of listening to all the pundits on TV, who couldn't find their ass with both hands, I went through some old videos of Sarah, I call her 'Sarah', and she is well versed, especially in the energy issue, walks the walk, but this shows her in a different light.........

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  2. You call her Sarah?
  3. G_d, is she annoying.

    No one with sanity would want her to be POTUS.
  4. cuz69


    Much classier than HC................that CUNT.

  5. Everytime she's been set with a challenge, she's done it. Obama?

    I know a legislator that stood up to the establishment. SHE then got a visit from guys in shiny suits who said, "be careful when you start your car."

    It takes guts to stand up and fight. You don't think the Stevens mob in Alaska didn't give her a ration of shit???? Obama? Get real. Just go through all your shit, and get ready to send it in.

    This country has a dirth of leaders who won't stick their hands in my pockets. If she steps up, gives McCain a little backup to go after earmarks, corruption, I'm all for it. Obama is a pretender who just wants the adulation.

    When you see McCain, watch his right arm. What's Obama ever given this country, except a snub?
  6. Damn why didn't McCain pick Buchanan ?

    Oh wait!

    DUH............ HE DID!!