This Will Turn Real Nasty If Market Can't Rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. The fed will be powerless
  2. m22au


    The Fed is not powerless. It can take increasingly crazy action until it achieves its aim.

    Bernanke spoke of the printing press in 2002, and I take his word for it.

    If he wants to cut to 0.25%, and nationalise all banks, then he'll try to do it.

    If pesky laws get in the way of extreme action, then they will be changed.
  3. S2007S


    I think we see the markets end lower. This rate cut is going to be useless today and even down the road.
  4. to the contrary- their aim is to have total control over all financial inst. and after that all other firms + infrastructure
    remember their goal is not to keep the economy in good shape, they dont give a damn sh.. about it, they want power, power and even more power!
  5. Daal


    If we had short covering this could be a pretty big day

  6. True