THIS will SELL you on OEX weekly has me...WOW!

Discussion in 'Options' started by increasenow, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. THIS will SELL you on OEX weekly has me...WOW!

    From my optionsxpress account via virtual trade...

    On Tuesday I bought 15 contracts of 525 strike OEX weekly (XEO) puts @ $1.15 for a total of: $1,743.00

    Today...these 15 contracts of 525 strike OEX weekly (XEO) puts are @ $11.90 now worth $16,125.00!!!!!!!! is all about expiration week options trading....anyone do this for real?...I am sold on OEX (XEO) weekly options...!!

    will obviously hold into tomorrow Friday and see what happens on expiration friday for these weekly'!
  2. erol


    wow, that's awesome actually

    I guess the question is, can this be done consistently?
  3. johnnyc


    yeah, I don't see why anyone wouldn't do this for real and expect the same results regularly.
  4. in hindsight these trades are so easy, even easier when its play money
  5. Wow, chitty chitty bang bang young cat. That is slicker then an 18 year old honey pot. Be in it to win it, I will do a shot of everclear and chase it with a shot of drano in your honor tonight! Salut!
  6. seriously...I do realise it is "play money"....but...not the point here. Everyone knows the BEST week to trde options is expiration week...most volume and options have huge moves with smaller moves in the underlying to find a system...
  7. erol


    Actually, personally, I avoid expiration week.

    -ve gammas mean price is way too sensitive

    if I'm long verticals, they'll be closed 4 weeks ahead worst case. If my move didn't happen by then then I need all the time value I can buy back.

    Also, it does matter if it's play money IMO since you wouldn't have the guts to stick w that trade IRL. Well, I wouldn't maybe you would.

    Good luck with your search though.
  8. just entered an order to close with market order when market opens for those 15 contracts for a virtual profit...will see what happens...cannot trade out during day so had to enter order now...
  9. rew


    I've made millions in hindsight, myself. Just this year in fact.

    Unfortunately, in foresight I'm more likely to lose thousands.
  10. You were sold on the ES, sold on YM, sold on Forex, sold on Corn, sold on Gold....basically at some point big CAT, you've been sold on everything!

    Let's see u take the training wheels off and trade for real. Maybe by 2015?? :D

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