This will scare you to death- Fed wants

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  1. Fed wants a bigger role in the banking system. This is just great the idiots who create the mess want more power hahahahaha GOD HELP US ALL.
  2. I just dozed off watching Bernanke speak earlier this AM.

    His eyes were very dark, eyes bloodshot, gait unsteady.

    He's either quite nervous and lacking sleep, or just came off a major bender.
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    "major bender"
  4. I figured you would show up here silver Rhino. Like a moth drawn to a flame.
  5. What do we citizens get from the fed, inflation and debt. Debt means the IRS is going to take the mattress you sleep on if you don’t pay. That’s all our income taxes do it pay the interest on the debt from wars.

    War’s a central banks dream come true. Keep them wars a coming.
  6. This is the first paragraph from the Wall Street Journal article.

    U.S. financial markets need to be made more resilient and stable, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Tuesday, possibly by giving the central bank much broader authority to collect information and exercise authority over the nation's financial firms.

    I swear this sounds just like JP Morgan after the market crash in 1929. This is what enabled the central bank.
  7. Ben is manipulating the market.
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    It's Hegelian, crisis + solution = increased power. I propose the US take a different tack, blame the Fed for the crisis, disband it, mint one big copper coin and declare it equal to all the debt we owe them and hand it over in a very public ceremony.....
  9. deregulation of the financial system since the early 80's just removed all the regulations that was put in place after the great depression.

    like limiting risk by having less speculation and higher margins.

    overleveraging results in higher market risk.

    monopoly or market collusions in financial markets.

    these guys at wall street thought they were given the license to print and make money.

    there is no free lunches in wall street.

    wall street is like goes in and very few leaves the place or leave alive. :)

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