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    Doctors Revive Man Who Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria
    Beckel Flatlines In Operating Room

    UPDATED: 1:46 p.m. EST November 21, 2003

    MARION, Ohio -- An Ohio man said he died on the operating table and was brought back to life after contracting a deadly infection, WCMH reported.

    Tom Beckel survived a bout with flesh-eating bacteria and has a message during the flu and cold season -- wash your hands. Beckel believes he contracted the infection by having contact with someone who was sick.

    Beckel never thought an ingrown hair would lead to a flesh-eating bacterial infection. He said Type-A strep entered his body through that hair follicle, and it almost cost him his life.

    Beckel, a car salesman, hosts a weekly "prayer line" segment on Marion's cable access television station with his mother, Naomi.

    Beckel first noticed a sore spot on his genitals in July 2002. Four days later, he was diagnosed with gangrene. Doctors at The Ohio State Medical Center prepared him for surgery. Meanwhile, the bacteria moved rapidly.

    "You can actually see this stuff move under the skin," Beckel said. "It turns red as it moves, and it moves an inch an hour."

    Back at the local TV station, his mother spurred supporters into action.

    "All the way from California to New York, from Canada -- we had people up in Canada praying for him," his mother said.

    During surgery, doctors noticed Beckel actually had necrotizing fascitis, commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria. During surgery, it got into his bloodstream.

    Doctors said Beckel died on the operating table. He agreed.

    "I found myself in the throne room of heaven, and it had white, marble steps," Beckel said. "As I scanned up the steps, I saw the bottom of two white robes."

    Beckel said he heard a voice telling him he could stay if he wanted, but that he was needed on Earth.

    Doctors revived him after a couple of minutes. Weeks later, after he had 3.5 pounds of flesh removed and underwent painful skin grafts and further surgery, Beckel told his mother it might have been easier to die. His mother said it looked as if a shark had taken a bite out of his midsection.

    "He said it'd be easier to die, and I said 'Thank you for not, because I want you around for a while yet,' " his mother said.

    The good news for Beckel is once you have such an infection, it will never return. He does have more surgeries coming at the beginning of the year.

    Beckel's surgeon said he sees one or two cases each month of necrotizing fascitis. The infection became deadly for Beckel when it combined with gangrene in his bloodstream.

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