this will fail

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  1. got out of the rest of my shorts yesterday but this will fail. its a massive act of desperation
  2. It's a symbolic attempt to restore confidence and calm the credit markets. But I agree it will fail because the root problem is not lack of confidence, it's, simply put, too much debt in the economy in relation to interest rates.
  3. there is`nt a more conservative sell zone on the chart than that spike zone......missed some of my resting GTC sell by ticks on that spike....looking for a retest.
    i`ve been waiting for the top of this daily channel for quite some time to ride the lightning & figured it would need a catalyst to get!
  4. 2006


    Sure it can fail.

    In the mean time we should see > 1500 in the next week.
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    That's why they lowered the rate, didn't they?
  6. man i just remember the futile attempts by the fed in 2001 to stop the markets from falling and it didn't help.
  7. They didn't lower the more important target fed funds rate.
  8. & this storm is a category 5 compared to `01`s tropical depression.
  9. I am bullish, but >1500??? :confused:
  10. the market will go wherever it wants to go. fed action is futile. what a great shorting opp
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