This Will Destroy eBay - Guaranteed

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  1. eBay has no place to hide now. Google can not and will not be stopped.

    "Quick Facts about Google Base

    Cost: Free

    How to Submit: You can submit information about all types of online and offline content to Google Base, by either the standard web form or, if you have more than 10 items to submit, via our bulk upload options. When you submit information via the web form, you can attach up to 15 digital files in the following formats: PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Text (.txt), HTML (.html), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Word Perfect (.wpd), ASCII, Unicode and XML. Please note: the files you upload may not exceed 20 megabytes total in size, and we reserve the right to review all items in order to ensure they comply with the Google Base Terms and Conditions.

    Languages: Google Base is currently available in English and German interfaces.

    Reach: Items you submit to Google Base might be found on Google properties like Google, Froogle, and Google Maps.

    How it's different: Google Base enables you to add attributes describing your content, so that searchers can easily find it. The more popular individual attributes become, the more often we'll suggest them when others post the same items. Similarly, items that become more popular will show up as suggested item types in the Choose an existing item type drop-down menu."
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    Just look at how ebay gets destroyed after hours :)

    Seriously it is not about cost for sellers. It is about buyers. BASE has close to 0 buyers so it doesn't matter for sellers if it is free.
  3. Google Base has been around a while. There's no audience.
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    They are getting hammered. Only up 12% in AH. Damn you GOOG, damn you.
  5. Well google is not gonna take all business away from ebay by tomorrow. In the long term ebay should be very scared of google. Thier google checkout is huge success already and they only started that few months ago. In few years I think it will be bigger than paypal, because its so muc h easier to use and less commissions. Paypal is a big cash cow for ebay. If google can even take 25% market in auctions, ebay will be in trouble.
  6. Exactly.

    I'd be a seller of eBay, and a buyer of Google.

    What market can't Google compete in?

    Look at what Craigslist did to newspaper classifieds revenue.
  7. I've been short selling Ebay simply because it's run by a woman.

    How many successful cut throat businesses outside of gaydom ( fashion, cosmetics and toys ) do you know that are run efficiently by a woman?

  8. Bingo....and can you imagine how much better Ebay's results would have been without that stupid and outrageously expensive purchase of Skype ?
    Goog could easily "clone" and even "make better" Ebay's auction site. I've been waiting for them to do it...and waiting .... and waiting. What's wrong with those guys ? They seem to be reluctant to take them on !
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    What's ridiculous is that EBAY owns PAYPAL... And when you transact on EBAY using paypal, EBAY charges Sellers a final value fee and a PAYPAL transaction fee.

    Stupid. But Sellers put up with it because there's no competition.
  10. Wow. That is some sexist shit!
    Are you threaten by them? What would your mother think.
    Women are equal to men, they are in no way inferior. This is why i love America, hopefully in the future there will be a female president. That would make all the sexist go crazy.
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