This Weeks Trade In The Russell and Some Trading Ideas

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  1. I am new to posting here. Like most traders I get bored sitting in from of my computer so I have started a blog.

    I will try to copy/paste some of my charts here.

    My weapon of choice is the Russell 2000, because of my style of trading....I trade break out....The Russell is not for the faint of heart.

    Daily Chart 3-27-09

    The daily chart gives you the BIG picture of what is happening in the market.

    In my routine of preparing to trade for the day, the first chart I look at when I turn my computer on is the daily.

    It shows me a a glance what the market did yesterday . And just as important of me, it shows at a glance , what it did over night.

    Last night the BONDS made new highs, the S&P did first thoughts, watch for a SELL OFF.
  2. Bonds were making new highs, DJIA was hanging near overnight low, Es was at or below open......scalp short side.

    The Russell will tell you on a 1 minute bar if you are right or wrong. Most of my Russell trades are 2-3 minutes long.

    On Fridays,one of the worst trading days of the week, I am very cautious......the only day worst than Monday, especially Monday mornings.
  3. This Trade was on Thursday, 3-26-09

    Bonds were holding up, made a Hi and then sold off 16 Ticks....

    Sold Russell 2000. about a 3 minute trade.

    I wish it was this easy every day.........