This week's congressional hearings...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by syswizard, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. After listening to Barney Frank this week, in front of the ever-so-stately-and-academic Ben Bernanke, I have to admit, I was at once wondering that possibly was this a "Simpsons in Congress" episode ?
    Anyone who watched this week's tape has got to be vitally concerned about the future of this once great country.
    It's so obvious, these people in power and control, are NOT REALLY THAT SMART.
    I guess then, an obvious question is: How did they attain these positions of POWER AND CONTROL ?
    I can't help but thinking about how the Japanese and Chinese leaders just ROILED in laughter about this week's proceedings. They must have been: "well, we don't have to worry about the US being an economic power anymore...with leaders like that....HAH, HAH, HAH !"

    An embarassing week for America IMHO.
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