This Week the MultiCharts Webinar Series welcomes

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  1. This Week the MultiCharts Webinar Series welcomes two new webinars offering informative perspectives on trading.

    On Tuesday, November 27, Nick McDonald of Trade With Precision

    Nick McDonald is the CEO, founder and head trader of Trade With Precision and has spent over a decade perfecting his unique approach to trading. Nick launched in 2006 and is now recognized around the world as a leader in market commentary and trading education. This recognition is largely due to his ability to take the complicated world of trading and simplify it so everyday people can learn to make an income from trading the markets.

    Topic: Precision Trading Strategies on Live Markets

    Description: Nick McDonald will demonstrate the exact trading strategies he trades himself on a daily basis and do this on live charts, picking out his favorite trades on futures and forex markets and showing you exactly how he plans to trade them and why. Nick will also share his bigger picture outlook for equity and currency markets, delivering the very same no-nonsense market commentary that he delivers for brokers and trading exchanges around the world. This is a chance for you to see how a professional trader uses MultiCharts to scan the broad market for trading opportunities and is a session not to be missed.

    On Thursday, November 29, Carl Weiss of

    Carl Weiss is a family man who is obsessed with tape reading.

    Carl’s complementary talents of strong tape reading skills and software development has uncovered of non-random behavior between Order Flow and Chaotic Price Series (CPS) within the electronic futures markets.

    His primary drive and focus is to expand the efforts that have yielded an extensive and mature library of software based Intellectual Property in and around the monitoring of Order Flow via Transaction Level Analysis (TLA).

    His current responsibility at ...sceeto is to ensure that ...sceeto's architecture remains robust enough to manage the ever increasing amounts of market data, and to continually improve the intellect of ...sceeto's core algorithms.

    Prior to launching ...sceeto, Carl founded Algo Futures in 2006 as a vehicle to create order flow algorithms.

    Prior to that Carl was President of IRIS, a software development and systems integration firm specializing in Clinical Data Processing for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and automated workflow solutions for financial companies.

    Carl brings over 15 years of software experience to our team. He has delivered software solutions for some of the world’s most influential companies such as Bloomberg, Travelers, Citibank, Thomson Financial, Pfizer, Merck, and DuPont.

    Topic: The Bots Now Control The Market. Learn How To Trade With The Bots & Not Against Them.

    Description: We have all seen the Trading Bots & Algos run amok lately…

    We have all seen the S&P 500 move 10 points instantly in a straight line - then wallow back and forth in a 2 point range for hours, upon painful, hours.

    Why Does This Happen?

    In our opinion, it is because the intense presence of trading bots, High Frequency Trading (HFT) routines, and quant traders, place an undue strain on the market’s ability to maintain an efficient Supply & Demand through what we have been accustomed to in the form of Price Discovery.

    How Can You Take Advantage of This?

    If you align your trades with the Trading Bots that are currently the dominant bots at the time of your trade you will have the force of their algorithmic and institutional heft providing momentum to your trade.

    Join us in this webinar where we will show you a very specific and consistent setup that will allow you to enter very safely, and exit very profitably while “Following The Bots”.

    • Learn to spot when the Buy Programs are waning and the Sell Programs are becoming dominant.
    • Learn why entries predicated on Order Flow provide much, much quicker trades.
    • Learn how to take advantage of the effort that the Institutions, Hedge Funds, & Quant Shops have put out by piggy-backing their trades.
    • Learn when to sit on your hands.

    Upcoming webinars include presentations by David Bean of Capstone Trading Systems and Bennett McDowell from among others. Be sure to watch for email notices about these and other future events.

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  2. I missed this webinar, anyplace to watch the recording videos if any? Thanks.