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    Apparently the slang term for urine is too offensive for our thin skinned barbarians. But you can go <A href="">to this post</a> to read about islam's divine urine. And if drinking a warm glass of mo piss bothers you, then you are obviously not a real muslim.

    On to the numbers. Wally's buds had a great week, with 388 dead and a whopping 726 injured just last week by islamofacist terrorists fighting in the name of peace:

    Date Place Dead Inured Comments
    6/23/2007 Iraq Baghdad 18 2 Sectarian Jihadis rack up eighteen dead Iraqis in various attacks.
    6/23/2007 Pakistan Karam Kot 4 1 Four Pakistani troops are killed when terrorists bomb their vehicle.
    6/23/2007 Iraq Hillah 2 18 Two people are killed in an Islamic terrorist car bombing.
    6/23/2007 Iraq Kufa 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot a married couple to death.
    6/23/2007 Lebanon Nahr el-Bared 3 0 Three Lebanese troops are killed by a Fatah al-Islam bomb.
    6/23/2007 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 Two Estonian mine-sweepers are killed in a Taliban rocket strike.
    6/23/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 42-year-old Buddhist laborer is brutally killed and then set on fire by Muslim terrorists.
    6/22/2007 India Doda 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct and kill a civilian.
    6/22/2007 Pakistan Bannu 1 30 Radical Muslims attempt to attack a religious festival with small-arms fire and a grenade. One guard is killed.
    6/22/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 16-year-old Buddhist girl is shot to death by radical Muslims.
    6/22/2007 Pakistan Khar 1 0 "Islamic extremists behead a man, then attach a note to the body."
    6/22/2007 Iraq Fallujah 5 57 A store bombing and a suicide attack on a telecom company net five dead Iraqis for freedom-fighting terrorists.
    6/22/2007 Thailand Yala 2 5 "Muslim bombers target a Buddhist-owned teashop, killing three innocents."
    6/22/2007 Thailand Yala 3 10 Three young boys are shot full of holes in the name of Allah at a tea shop.
    6/21/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 "Muslim shoot a 29-year-old, then attempt to behead him. The man bleeds to death."
    6/21/2007 Pal. Auth. Nablus 1 0 A 32-year-old civilian is killed by Islamic gunmen.
    6/21/2007 Iraq Bahraz 3 15 Sunnis kill three villagers in a sustained attack on a Shia town.
    6/21/2007 Iraq Soliman Bek 15 66 "Suicidal Sunnis drive a truck full of explosives into a building, murdering at least fifteen people."
    6/21/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 5 10 "An Islamic militant tosses a grenade into a market, killling five people on the spot."
    6/21/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 54-year-old Buddhist is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
    6/21/2007 Pakistan Khapianga 3 0 A roadside blast kills three farmers.
    6/21/2007 Afghanistan Nangarhar 3 1 Three Afghan cops are gunned down in a Taliban attack.
    6/20/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 0 Three Canadian peacekeepers are killed in a roadside attack by Islamic extremists.
    6/20/2007 Afghanistan Zabul 2 1 "Religious extremists fire on a UN relief convoy, killing two Afghans."
    6/20/2007 Afghanistan Khost 3 4 Talibanis enter a mosque and shoot three Afghan civilians to death.
    6/20/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim gunmen shoot an off-duty Buddhist policeman to death in front of his wife.
    6/20/2007 Iraq Mosul 5 8 Two children and three women are killed in a mortar attack by Islamic terrorists.
    6/20/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 "Islamic militias fire RPGs into a government building, killing at least two people."
    6/20/2007 India Baramulla 1 2 A Harkat-ul-Mujahideen militant kills a homeowner with a grenade. The man's daughter and son are injured.
    6/20/2007 Iraq Baghdad 34 9 Sectarian Jihadis rack up thirty-four more dead Iraqis in various attacks.
    6/19/2007 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Thai Muslims kill three occupants of a vehicle with a roadside bomb.
    6/19/2007 Lebanon Nahr al-Bared 2 0 Fatah al-Islam radicals kill two more Lebanese troops.
    6/19/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Islamists shoot a 27-year-old student to death in a drive-by attack.
    6/19/2007 Iraq Baghdad 23 19 Jihadis kill two dozen Iraqis in various shooting and mortar attacks.
    6/19/2007 Afghanistan Uruzgan 14 110 "Islamic militants attack a village, murdering ten civilians and four Afghan police."
    6/19/2007 Iraq Tal Afar 2 0 A woman and a child are killed in a mortar attack by Sunni radicals.
    6/19/2007 Iraq Baghdad 87 224 "Sunnis bomb an area outside a Shia mosque, sending eighty-seven souls to Allah and injuring over two-hundred others."
    6/19/2007 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A female college student is shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
    6/18/2007 Iraq Falluja 5 25 Two Jihad bombings leave at least five civilians dead.
    6/18/2007 Lebanon Narh al-Bared 3 0 Three more Lebanese soldiers are killed by Fatah al-Islam militants.
    6/18/2007 Thailand Yala 0 14 "Muslims bomb a Buddhist-owned teashop, injuring fourteen patrons."
    6/18/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 2 7 "Islamists manage to kill two children with one bomb, hidden in a garbage pile."
    6/18/2007 Iraq Baghdad 33 0 Thirty-three victims of sectarian violence are found in different locations.
    6/18/2007 Iraq Baghdad 9 25 "Islamic terrorists bomb a gas station, killing nine patrons."
    6/18/2007 Somalia Bakara 1 1 A civilian is assassinated at a local market is a suspected Islamic militia attack.
    6/18/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 23-year-old soldier is killed in an ambush by Muslim militants.
    6/18/2007 Pal. Auth. Erez 1 3 "Hamas gunmen open fire on Palestinians huddled in a tunnel, killing at least one."
    6/17/2007 Afghanistan Herat 2 0 "The Taliban attack a remote police post, killing two officers."
    6/17/2007 Somalia Baidoa 1 3 A child is killed when Islamists toss a grenade into a bank.
    6/17/2007 Iraq Fallujah 8 16 A pregnant woman and her husband are among eight innocents killed in two attacks by Islamic terrorists.
    6/17/2007 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Three soldiers and an interpretor are murdered in a Taliban roadside attack.
    6/17/2007 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 The Taliban shoot a suspected narcotics dealer to death.
    6/17/2007 Iraq Jizani al-Emam 17 0 Seventeen villagers are killed during an attack by the Islamic Army of Iraq.
    6/17/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 3 4 Sunni bombers kill three Kurds.
    6/17/2007 Afghanistan Kabul 35 35 Three dozen Afghans are blown to Allah by Islamic bombers in an attack on a transportation hub.

    <p><a href="">
    <img border="0" alt="Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11" src=""> </a></p>
  2. Is that above, or below average?
  3. and the NEOCONS have murdered close to 2 million innocent arabs based on LIES. i wonder why they fight back? don't they know tigger is "the decider" and what he and his minions say, goes!!!!!!!
  4. Some more info to shut you up Tigger!!!

    Unleashing The Islamic Brigades Inside Iran

    In relation to Iran, US intelligence has been supporting a Pakistani based terrorist group, Jundullah (Soldiers of God), that has conducted terrorist raids inside Iran. The group operates "from bases on the rugged Iran-Pakistan-Afghanistan 'tri-border region'." According to a report by ABC News:

    "A Pakistani tribal militant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005, U.S. and Pakistani intelligence sources tell ABC News.

    The group, called Jundullah, is made up of members of the Baluchi tribe and operates out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran.

    It has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials." (ABC News, 2 April 2007)

    Abd el Malik Regi, the leader of Jundullah, commands a force of several hundred guerrilla fighters "that stage attacks across the border into Iran on Iranian military officers, Iranian intelligence officers, kidnapping them, executing them on camera, ... Most recently, Jundullah took credit for an attack in February that killed at least 11 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard riding on a bus in the Iranian city of Zahedan." (Ibid)

    US government sources have acknowledged that Jundullah's leader "had regular contact with US officials" but denies any "direct funding" of Jundullah by US intelligence.

    Inherent in CIA covert operations, the Agency never grants funding "directly". It invariably proceeds through one of its proxy organizations including Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), which historically, since the Soviet-Afghan war, has provided support to Islamic terror groups, including the funding of the training camps and the madrassahs, always acting on behalf of the CIA. In fact this insidious role of Pakistan's ISI (on behalf of the the CIA) is candidly acknowledged by US intelligence:

    "American intelligence sources say Jundullah has received money and weapons through the Afghanistan and Pakistan military and Pakistan's intelligence service. Pakistan has officially denied any connection." ( Brian Ross and Christopher Isham, The Secret War Against Iran, April 03, 2007

    Other channels used by US intelligence in funding terrorism is through Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, where foundation money is funneled to various militant Islamic groups on behalf of Uncle Sam. "Some former CIA officers say the arrangement [with regard to Jundullah] is reminiscent of how the U.S. government used proxy armies, funded by other countries including Saudi Arabia, to destabilize the government of Nicaragua in the 1980s [reminiscent of the Iran-Contra affair]." (Ibid)

    Consistent Pattern: Historical Origins of "Islamic Terrorism"

    Ironically, the Islamic groups are portrayed as working hand in glove with Tehran. Iran, a predominantly Shia country, is accused of harboring Sunni Islamic terrorists, when in fact these Islamic terrorists are " intelligence assets" of the United States, supported indirectly by Washington.

    This role of US intelligence in support of "Islamic terrorists" is well established. The covert op applied in Iran are part of a consistent pattern

    The not so hidden agenda of US intelligence, applied throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, is to trigger political instability and foment ethnic strife by supporting "Islamic terrorist organizations", ultimately with a view to weakening the Nation State and destabilizing sovereign countries.

    From the onslaught of the Soviet-Afghan war and throughout the 1990s, a central feature of CIA activities has consisted in providing covert support to " Islamic terrorist organizations":

    In 1979 "the largest covert operation in the history of the CIA" was launched in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in support of the pro-Communist government of Babrak Kamal.(See Fred Halliday, "The Un-great game: the Country that lost the Cold War, Afghanistan, New Republic, 25 March 1996): Ahmed Rashid, The Taliban: Exporting Extremism, Foreign Affairs, November-December 1999. See also Michel Chossudovsky, America's "War on Terrorism", Global Research, 2005, Ch. 2.)

    With the active encouragement of the CIA and Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence, "some 35,000 Muslim radicals from 40 Islamic countries joined Afghanistan's fight between 1982 and 1992. Tens of thousands more came to study in Pakistani madrasahs. Eventually more than 100,000 foreign Muslim radicals were directly influenced by the Afghan jihad." (See Chossudovsky, op cit)

    These covert operations in support of the "Islamic Brigades" continued in the post-Cold war period. The ISI's extensive intelligence military-network was not dismantled in the wake of the Soviet-Afghan war. The CIA continued to support the Islamic "jihad" out of Pakistan. New undercover initiatives were set in motion in Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans. Pakistan's military and intelligence apparatus essentially "served as a catalyst for the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of six new Muslim republics in Central Asia." (Ibid). "Meanwhile, Islamic missionaries of the Wahhabi sect from Saudi Arabia established themselves in the Muslim republics of the Former Soviet Union as well as within the Russian federation encroaching upon the institutions of the secular State." (Ibid)

    A similar pattern emerged in the Balkans. Starting in the early 1990s, the Clinton Administration supported the recruitment of Al Qaeda Mujahideen to fight in Bosnia alongside the Bosnian Muslim Army. Ironically, it was the Republican Party in a document published by the Republican Party Committee of the US Senate which accused Clinton not only of a "''hands-on' involvement with the Islamic network's arms pipeline" but also of collaborating with the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA), "a Sudan-based, phony humanitarian organization believed to be connected with such fixtures of the Islamic terror network as Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (the convicted mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and Osama Bin Laden,... " (The original document can be consulted on the website of the US Senate Republican Party Committee (Senator Larry Craig), at )
  5. Since the launching of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) in the wake of September 11, 2001, many of the official documents, which single out the insidious relationship of US intelligence to the "Islamic terror network", have been carefully removed from the public eye.

    US Sponsored "Islamic Terrorists" inside Lebanon

    The recent killings of civilians in Palestinian refugee camps in northern Lebanon, resulted from the confrontation between Fatah Al Islam and the Lebanese armed forces. Fatah al-Islam is a predominantly non-Palestinian Sunni fundamentalist group, operating inside the refugee camps. Fatah Al Islam is also inspired by the Wahabi sects of Saudi Arabia, which were part of the CIA's covert operations since the onslaught of the Soviet-Afghan war.

    The Lebanese armed forces have been involved in raids on the camps, leading to the uprooting of the Palestinians refugees. The number of Fatah al Islam militants (made up of Saudi, Syrian, Yemeni and Moroccan fighters), inside the camp was of the order of 150-200 according to press reports. The Lebanese military offensive has been disproportionate, resulting in countless civilian casualties.

    "Yet, the massively disproportionate assault on the camp has been unconditionally endorsed by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. “The Siniora government is fighting against a very tough extremist foe,” Rice said. “But Lebanon is doing the right thing to try to protect its population, to assert its sovereignty and so we are very supportive of the Siniora government and what it is trying to do.”

    Lebanon has used the police action against this tiny group to ask the US for $280 million in military assistance to help put down what it grandiosely calls an “uprising.” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the request for funds, $220 million of which would go to the Lebanese Armed Forces and another $60 million to security forces, was being considered by Washington. The US gave $40 million in military aid to Lebanon last year and an additional $5 million so far this year. (Chris Marsden, 27 May 2007)

    Fatah Al Islam has been presented in media reports, in an utterly twisted logic, as an organization linked to the Fatah movement in Palestine, a secular organization, founded by Yaser Arafat. From an ideological standpoint, Fatah al Islam, is similar to Al Qaeda, which is known to financed out of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and supported by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in liaison with its US counterpart.

    According to Seymour Hersh, Saudi Arabia is providing funding as well as covert support to Fatah Al Islam, in close consultation with the Bush administration

    Hersh points to a "private agreement" between top NeoCon officials and Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, who worked closely with CIA Director George Tenet, when he was Saudi Ambassador in Washington. The Lebanese government is also involved in this intelligence operation:

    “The key player is the Saudis. What I [Hersh] was writing about was sort of a private agreement that was made between the White House, we’re talking about Richard—Dick—Cheney and Elliott Abrams, one of the key aides in the White House, with Bandar [Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi national security adviser]. And the idea was to get support, covert support from the Saudis, to support various hard-line jihadists, Sunni groups, particularly in Lebanon, who would be seen in case of an actual confrontation with Hezbollah—the Shia group in the southern Lebanon—would be seen as an asset, .as simple as that.. We're in the business now of supporting the Sunnis anywhere we can against the Shia, against the Shia in Iran, against the Shia in Lebanon, that is Nasrullah. Civil war. We're in a business of creating in some places, Lebanon in particular, a sectarian violence..”(CNN Interview with Seymour Hersh, CNN International's Your World Today, 21 May 2007)

    The pattern of Saudi support to Fatah Al Islam is part of a US sponsored covert operation similar to those conducted by the CIA in the 1980s in support of Al Qaeda.

    Well, the United States was deeply involved. This was a covert operation that Bandar ran with us. Don't forget, if you remember, you know, we got into the war in Afghanistan with supporting Osama bin Laden, the Mujahideen back in the late 1980s with Bandar and with people like Elliott Abrams around, the idea being that the Saudis promised us they could control -- they could control the jihadists so we spent a lot of money and time, ... in the late 1980s using and supporting the jihadists... And we have the same pattern, ... using the Saudis again to support jihadists [Fatah Al Islam], Saudis assuring us they can control these various group, the groups like the one that is in contact right now in Tripoli with the government. (CNN Interview with Seymour Hersh, CNN International's Your World Today, 21 May 2007)

    Staged Event in Lebanon? Building a Humanitarian Justification for Military Intervention

    Fatah Al Islam is an "intelligence asset" financed by Saudi Arabia. While the Bush administration accuses Damascus of supporting Fatah Al Islam, there are indications that the killings in the Palestinian refugee camps were the result of a carefully staged military intelligence operation..

    Since the Summer 2006 following the Israeli bombing of Lebanon, NATO forces are present inside Lebanon as well as off Syrian-Lebanese coastline. The UN Security Council Resolution allowing for the deployment of NATO peace-keeping forces was the first step in this process, which followed the 2005 withdrawal and Syrian forces from Lebanon.

    The objective of the military roadmap, is to create sectarian violence inside Lebanon which will provide a pretext "on humanitarian grounds" for a stepped up military intervention by NATO forces under a formal UN mandate. This humanitarian military NATO intervention in liaison with Israel, is envisaged as a sequel to the withdrawal of Syrian troops in 2005 and the Israeli bombings of 2006. If it were to be launched it could lead to a situation of de facto foreign occupation of Lebanon as well as the enforcement of a economic blockade directed against Syria.

    The pretext for these stepped up military actions are Syria's alleged support of Fatah Al Islam and Damascus' supposed involvement in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. The timely "investigation" into Hariri's assassination and the setting up of a kangaroo court are being used by the coalition to foment anti-Syrian sentiment in Lebanon. From a military and strategic standpoint, Lebanon is the gateway into Syria. The destabilization of Lebanon supports the US-NATO-Israeli military agenda directed against Syria and Iran. US intelligence sets loose its Islamic brigades, while also accusing the enemy of sponsoring terrorist groups, which are in fact covertly supported and financed by Uncle Sam.

    Global Research Articles by Michel Chossudovsky
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    Over eleven hundred dead and injured in a week sounds high, but it might well be average. Islamofacist terrorists have killed or wounded one person every 9 minutes last week. So there's more room for lots more corpses, death and destruction from these 7th century throwbacks. They can't spend all day drinking piss after all, no matter how much they like it.

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  7. Now how many of these hired killers were trained by your CIA Tigger???
    Why are you avoiding answering that??

    Also, just before you run back to your hole, how come your zionist website did not mention anything about Jundallah who brag about their videos of Iranian soldiers beheadings???
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