This Wed FED Will Do What?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Apr 27, 2010.

This Wed FED Will...

  1. Drop “Extended Period”

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  2. Raise Rates By 25bp

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  3. Raise Rates by 50bp

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  4. Do Nothing

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  1. votes, comments plz.
  2. IMO there isn't a reply that any of us can make that will come close to what the Fed is really thinking. None of us are privy to the ‘real’ economic details that they use to make their decisions with. So who knows of what they are afraid of going forward.

    Then there is Bubble Ben and his history. For example is Bubble Ben fixated with using depression era economic comparisons with today’s economy? Is he afraid the mere mention of raising rates will topple our fragile economy? Does he believe that increasing rates will cause a collapse like it did in 1937? He has never shared with us his views.

    The most I see happening is changing the “Extended Period” wording at one of the next few meetings to see how the markets react. IMO this would be a good time to do this to “soften us up” for the rate changes that will probably come late this year or early next year.
  3. The Fed's not gonna do a GODDAMN THING...
    Good thing I'm positioned in total opposite to my primitive thoughts..
  4. ssaya401


    I don't think they really can do anything. I am no expert, but I mean just look how the market reacted to Greece today, it's like everyone has their finger on the trigger.

    Though I wouldn't be surprised if they did something as soon as I said screw it and started riding the bull.
  5. 1) 4-0-0-10. No surprise there.
    2) Fed Funds futures say the "same". :cool: :eek:
  6. can someone explain to me why it cant be raised something fractional like 5bps??
  7. The Fed doesn't do "decimalization"! :D :mad:
  8. maybe too lazy to deal with all the red tape too often. probably less paperwork if they don't change rates.
  9. 1) 5-1-2-13. Some bearish sentiment has creeped in.
    2) It's more similar to how stock trading used to be, i.e. at the "evens, halves and quarters", not "dimes, nickels and pennies". :cool:
  10. maybe a rate cut?
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