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  1. than tell the truth about TraderBrad. Here's my original post:

    Steer waaaaay clear of Traderbrad.

    I had my son, who is a successful commodity trader and CTA who has connections to the CFTC, call TraderBrad on the phone to feel him out because we suspected he was faking his trades. My son said he was an idiot- used the "F" word no less than 6 times in a conversation that lasted half an hour (during trading hours of the Eminis). He told my son "the police had been to his home" and wanted to know if my son worked for the CFTC. A very paranoid individual indeed! And most important- "HE DOESN'T EVEN TAKE HIS OWN TRADES" he told my son.

    I baited him on his website with every insult I could think of to see IF he would reply, and he did. Many times in fact!

    This individual is interested in ONE thing only: send me the money. What kind of fool would send him $5k or $7.5k by WIRE with a no return policy or any PROOF that his service is valid in any way whatsoever?

    And more importantly, what kind of website like allows such an individual to be a sponsor here and take money from gullible, desperate people? This site is leaving itself wide open to a class action lawsuit. I should know- that's what I've done for a living for the last 30 odd years.

    Richard England
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    I was in the middle of responding to this post when it was deleted by

    Annoying, but easily correctable.

    I find it interesting how Elite Trader would go through so much trouble to protect a convicted felon from being exposed. That's right boys and girls, the police reports are in - and our buddy TraderBrad has already been convicted on 3 counts of Bank Wire Fraud in the past.

    I would like some of ET's administrators to define the term "Conspiracy to Commit Fraud" to the CFTC in terms that don't make this website criminally responsible, and civally liable for allowing "Brad" to propogate his fraudulent claims, and bogus trading records on this site to unsuspecting investors. You guys should already know the law requires you to be a CTA to give trading advice... That means not only can have a Huuuge lawsuit brought against them, but the owners can be thrown in jail for breaking numerous, numerous federal laws.

    It's one thing to allow a sponser like who is a deep discount broker. They aren't breaking the law. It's another to allow scum like Brad on here to advertise.

    Food for thought.
  3. Can you please sight a source for his alleged convictions, that would be most interesting.
  4. That's interesting. I also noticed that there are two presentations on his website - "Why listen to me?" and "Why trade the E-mini?"

    Innocent enough, except that clicking the arrows wants to download executable files to your PC instead of just showing the presentations. Does it contain anything you don't want running on your PC? Don't know, wasn't willing to even let the files download to my PC and wasn't going to waste any time disassembling them to see if they were trojan horses of some sort.

    Even if they're completely innocent, what idiot came up with the idea to use executables for "presentations" anyway?? Whole lot ways to (and lots of sites using them) to show presentations for products that don't ever need to download executable files to your PC.
  5. Just to be clear, websites that operate as communications forums or even allow advertising are generally exempt from liability from the claims of those advertising or posting - even those touting odious bullsh**.

    If the mere conveyor (or medium of conveyance) of an advertisement weren't exempt from the claims of the advertiser, you'd never see a "Make money running tiny ads" or "Become a Real Estate Millionare" or Waxie's "Become a Trendtrader" BS informercials on late night TV.

    Why ANYONE would shell out the dough this idiot's asking for - for the BS he's offering is completely beyond me. But, a sucker and his money are soon parted.
  6. This from a guy who falsely claims to have some elite program to beat the market. LOL
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    That's why there's a need for a non-profit, free speech forum. *hint* *hint*
  8. Am not too familiar (probably a good thing) with the way the CFTC operates. Do they have any jurisdiction in Canada? Just curious, as that may explain why the individual in question is based there.
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    Your continued vindictiveness suggests to me that there is more here than meets the eye. Perhaps I should check out this TraderBrad person and find out for myself.

    EDIT: Should there be an interest in an impartial examination of TraderBrad's room by me, please let me know.
  10. Just what are you getting at here? Whose vindictiveness, for example? Please elaborate?

    BTW, what happened to my other post that was moved to Resources?

    I was told by pm that soon my posts would be deleted and my account here terminated. In the words of Jack Nicholson "you can't handle the truth"?
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