This website SUCKS

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    Moderator goes and closes the thread above without any merit whatsoever. Just goes to show what a fucked up site this is when people like myself are right and the morons on this site want to steer people in the wrong direction.

    There's no elite traders here except for dumbass college school kids. What a joke this place has become. A true TURD.
  2. great call by the way.
  3. Goddmit; what wrong with this site; very time i click a link; my browser stuck at a Banner ad; then stop loading the rest page; i have to click the back button to see the rest page; didn't the moderator notice it?

    are they running with Microsoft Database server? Sucks
  4. What's wrong with this site; every time I should use a period; a semicolon appears in its place; this thread sucks too; etftrader is a phag;
  5. Fuck this worthless site full of fake aliases.
  6. I went to that site, starting from the end, and mostly what I saw from you were whinings about other posters...
  7. Every call has been PERFECT ever since the bashing at the start of the thread.

    Typical EliteTrader post coming from those who choose to focus on the wrong things. So many idiots on this forum that I don't have time for. This place reads like a Yahoo forum board of college kids playing with $5,000 accounts.

  8. I think the aliases are REAL, maybe the people behind them are fake?


  9. Then leave.

    You come across as a nutcase dipped in self-delusion.

    In other words, you fell out of the stupid tree, and hit every branch on the way down...

    You are definitely on my ignore list now
  10. Lucrum


    And yet your still posting and starting threads. What's that all about?
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