This website is about MONEY

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Richard England, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Money in Baron's pocket. He doesn't give a damn about us!
  2. no get lost your crying is getting old
  3. newtoet


    You have no credibility left. I guess you do not know the meaning of the work "overkill".

    BTW, didn't you play Freddy in "Nightmare on Elm Street"?


    Shut up already. You only registered on the site two days ago.

    Nobody cares about you.
  5. Rossored


    Guys/gals - this person clearly has absolutely nothing useful to offer the community.

    Leave it alone and it will go away.

    Hopefully this thread and the member will be deleted shortly.
  6. nkhoi


    you got it :D
  7. Is there any way we can have a community vote to ban this guy's IP address? Banning his account obviously won't work because he will just keep coming back.....

    This site's about money....and, judging by the amount of pure crap you're posting this morning, I don't think you're making any yourself.

    As a side note; in his original post, I believe he said his son was a CTA with CTFC connections and that he (not his son) has some sort of class-action legal background for thirty years. This morning he mentioned his previous job was a truck driver. This means this guy has to be at least 50 years old....why's he acting like a 15 year old skipping school?
  8. Because I think this site is a joke. I came upon it by accident- got caught up reading about TraderBrad and the rest is history.

    You could ban my IP till the cows come home and I'd still get in if I want to.

    Why come here at all? there is nothing to learn -that's why I'm screwing with you.

    This site is a joke and the guy who runs it is a greedy bastard I'm personally going to take down.


    Hahahahaha you are such a tool.
  10. names123


    Is that so? Aren't you forgetting your meds? again?
    #10     Apr 19, 2004