This was the Jan 1 selloff only postponed

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  1. and phase shifted a few weeks.

    Hey, they have to modify the script a little, so the wise guys dont make TOO much moolah.
  2. PPT prevents any selloff... duh.
  3. one day does not a downtrend make...

    unless of course they changed the TA books and nobody bothered to tell me
  4. I thought it was interesting that there were no big TICK readings today. The lowest number was only -883.

    I would have expected quite a few hits below -1000 on a day like today.

    Where were the big sell programs??
  5. It was a constant slow flow of sell orders coming in all day long; I wouldn't expect extreme readings on either TRIN or TICK.
    Also VIX wasn't up as much as u would expect with such a decline, and that's because was a trendy decline not a sudden fall.
    That's my opinion, of course.
  6. This was def a sell off day.

    A good thing to look out for will be if this selling trend continues into Monday. If so, then this selling should continue for a few days at least. If not, then the opposite should be true.

    Have a great weekend!
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    it was option expiration today correct? i forget, dont trade options. that would have been a contributing factor.
  8. This is not the sort of oversight one would anticipate from one of the largest debt traders in Central America. Better get your act together son.
  9. friday before the third saturday, son

    don't be too harsh on him - it could be just a language barrier :D
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