This volatility was great today 4-9-07

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  1. Someone said it was back and here to stay so get use to it, who said that?

    I belive them and was counting on some wild swings.
  2. hels02


    It may swing tomorrow:p. I'm expecting a slightly down day.
  3. S2007S


    dow up 7 days now, could make it 8. Shanghai at another record high tonight.
  4. it is frustrating being long this market though... 8 days of up at 1 pt/day is wiped out by 5 minutes of real selling. thats how the market feels.
  5. vix goin' to 9 again? maybe 8??

    nah, we going down from here...hopefully. we are consolidating/distributing for now.
  6. how short are you?
  7. i am not short, i just wanna volatily to pick up again and if we keep munching higher...
  8. The reason why a single 5 minutes of selling can wipe out 5 days of gains without elevated volume is because the sellling is of very high density and therefor has a greater impact on the stock price in accordance to the energy formula . High selling density is denoted as a numeric value usually between .75 and a maximum of 1. Distribution, on the other hand, is denoted by 0 because there is no change in price (and hence no slope and creation of positive energy and or resistance to selling).
  9. i'm not sure i buy that. buyer exhaustion can occur on high volumes as well. look at aapl pre-earnings for 07.
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    like superman... up, up and away !
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