This Volatility is Awesome

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  1. Thank you For thy VOLATILITY that hath been endowed upon us in these bountiful, fruitful, and plentiful weeks we are in.

    Hope the real traders are enjoying themselves the past month or so.

    Enjoy the feast while it lasts and save your coins for the dry times.
  2. There was no volatility today. It was a one way street -> up. [​IMG]
  3. He said weeks. He is an option seller.:)
  4. Any day that the range is greater than 200 Dow Points is a good day. I don't do options, :) I set my sail in futures and blow where the wind takes me.
  5. I know et is riddled and infested with the greatest traders on the planet, but could you do us a favor and actually post some trades in real time so we can truly appreciate your genius?
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    its funny in 2008 this board was slapping asses they were bragging so much. its a ghost town now as the hft have moved it back and forth so fast mere humans have had trouble. for intance the last 2 days. it looks great with the 70 spoos pts straight up but i assure you the avg trader was shorting it much of the way. who would chase long once we were up 45 pts in a crappy mkt?looks good after the fact
  7. I'm not genius. I'm not bragging or claiming to be a great trader. I am merely thankful that the volatility is here :)
  8. we are blessed and honored with traders that know exactly when to buy and sell even when that means buying for the last .1% on an up 2% day with 5 min to go.

    years of licking the feet of J 'semi sweet' Hershey will do that for ya
  9. Today is more like it! Up & down action! [​IMG]
  10. this has been fun, risk-adjusted august was my best month trading ever (too bad june was my worst ever, but at least i've made it all back already)

    hope everyone else is enjoying the fun
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