This Trader made 1 million Dollars on a single day (Pic Includded)

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  1. a trader in our team made 1 million dollars , on Oct 10 2008

    He is a genius. 1 Million dollar with No overnight and he only day trade
  2. thats cool, but there should be an asterisk that the account was 24 million the day before. Im sure we've all had 4% up days.
  3. that's a fake blotter on a sim account posted by an override monkey looking for new traders to make overrides on.......and most et falls for this shit.........btw that platform is redwood - the most piece of shit platform out there and the broker is dimension - the most piece of shit broker out there.
  4. LOL why are u showing us this bullshit??

    volatility cuts both ways

    will u post when he has a 2 million dollars down day????
  5. override monkeys are very clever at marketing.......can't trade for shit though
  6. what is an override monkey?
  7. No One asked you to belive this.

    It is up to you, and please do not email me regarding who was the trader or where is he trading and other stuff , i wont answer.

    I have a LIVE video of his trades that i will post in next couple of days you can match that with LIVE time and sale .

    And as i said before no one asking you to belive this and NO THIS IS NOT FOR MARKETING purpose.
  8. are so full of shit...

  9. an override is a commission on top of a commision and should be made illegal by the SEC

    for example lets say your broker is dimension......and they charge you .001/share as a then create a "prop" firm and offer unsuspecting kids "jobs" as ask for a "deposit" which is then their risk capital and if they lose more than their deposit then they lose their "job" charge this trader .004/share and so your overide is .003/share........u then "train" this trader to churn out 1,000,000 shares a day so that you can make 3000 in overides per day or 600,000 a year.......all you need is 10 dumb guys doing this and your pulling in 6 million a year.........that's how a pro override monkey works

    you can then take it a step further and give the trader an override of .001/share if he brings in another trader who you can offer an override if he brings in another trader.........and it all becomes one huge multi level marketing ponzi scheme.
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