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  1. SECOND TIME'S THE CHARM -- Unconfirmed Darwin Award Nominee

    March 2003, Michigan | Ignoring Coast Guard warnings, David Manley
    ventured onto the icy surface of Saginaw Bay with his pickup truck
    one chilly morning. Predictably, the vehicle broke through the ice,
    but the 41-year-old managed to avert tragedy and escape from the
    sinking truck. He reached the shore wet and cold, but alive.

    Despite his traumatic experience, and despite a day of sunshine
    and warm temperatures in the 60s, David returned to Saginaw Bay
    late the following night. This time he was driving an all-terrain
    vehicle, and accompanied by a friend. Surprise! The ATV also
    plunged through the ice.

    His companion survived, but David had used up his luck. His body
    was recovered by the Coast Guard southwest of the Channel Islands.
    An autopsy was scheduled to determine whether anything besides
    a desire to win a Darwin Award was a factor in his demise.
    REFERENCE: Flint Journal

    Can you confirm this story?