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    in 1989, japan bubble
    in 1990, soviet union bubble
    in 1997, east asia and russia bubble
    in 2000, dot com bubble
    in 2006, real estate bubble
    in 2009, debt bubble
    in 2015 (estimate) commodity bubble
    in 2020 (estimate) china bubble
    in 2030 (estimate) pension, retirement plans (401K, social security, etc) bubble. by then, all the baby boomers retire
    in 2050, the 1st encounter bubble.
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  2. Bone, you use e-signal delayed as a quote feed?
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    I don't trade the SPY, so that is delayed data. My futures exchanges are all real time. If I showed an ES chart it would be real time.

    I start off my clients training with them in the 'delayed' data mode, because it's only $5 per month, and for training and paper trading purposes against me it works fine. So, if a client has six exchanges, he can save over $1K easily using the delayed data while we train.

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