This system has one loss per 5364 trades

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by 1a2b3cppp, Feb 17, 2018.

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    proof the holy grail exists if true
  3. 5363 Buy's, followed by one sale?
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  4. Lenny Dykstra had a system that was 100% profitable. Worked like this-
    1) Enter trade
    2) If trade goes up a few pennies take profit
    3) If trade goes against you NEVER cover

    Jock sniffer Jim Cramer gushed about him and called him “one of the great ones”.
  5. DeltaRisk


    Virtu has a system with almost zero loss.

    Scalping can work, apparently.
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    Well hell, if I had one million dollars set aside in my trading account, I could easily figure out how to trade with no losers and make profit. Not many of us have that I reckon'.
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    Lots of individual losses, just not very many overall daily losses.
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    And there you have it. A few million bux capital to trade? 100 million a trade? These are numbers I cannot comprehend when trying to recover $20K. You are in a league way above and beyond a little folk like me.
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    Uh, NO, it is as far off as I think it is, unless I am thinking wrong here. With 100K how the hell does one trade tens of millions with minimal risk?

    Arb trading? Another strategy and style that I have no experience with. Oi.
  10. Lots of weird about this thread. OP apparently editeded his OP. Then DeltaRisk apparently made a thread about taking 100k to millions and millions, but it appears editeted.

    Hmmm...... what is going on around here???
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