This sucks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. This Sucks

    Two words that summarize the market.

    No need for further elaboration.
  2. let me elaborate - you are praying!
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    Why? If your bullish this is a great opportunity to find stocks that are showing relative strength and you should be busy busy busy. If your bearish your kicking ass, and likewise should be busy busy busy. I don't see anything in it that sucks? What am I missing?
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    Stock turd not only do you feed me but my family too

    keep it up

    ehehehe you are so dumb you think I am joking

    you actually really are providing for me and my family

    from the bottom of my heart

    thanks :p
  5. Its only off a few % and as you have been riding it up this is just the place for a little profit taking or a time to double up
  6. Ah-ha-ha-ha! Hey, just buy the dips! It's easy. Right?

    Suck on it you moron.
  7. The guy's net worth is $100k and he uses a 17" monitor...he can't afford much more than a few burgers and an 86' Camaro. :p



    That's like a football coach saying "this sucks" because they only run the ball, don't throw it and are getting the crap beat out of them in the 2nd quarter. Any intelligent trader plays both ways, long and short, just as any decent team both runs and passes in football. If a coach (or trader) can't adapt to the situation then they will have your mentality.
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    Wow how quickly things turn....way to be a one dimensional trader. You have some promising future!
  10. Alright, alright...let's not kick the guy when he's down. Be the bigger man.
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