this sucks

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  1. nasdaq lost almost everyhitng it gained yesterday today

    dropping waves..erasing 7 points at a time which is brutal if you buy the dips

    humbling moment just when you think that the tech selling is over given the strong rally yesterday.

    I dont think many saw this coming .

    I was expecting maybe a .4% selloff at worse but this looks like panic selling whihc means it is a good time to buy.

    There is still no good reason for selling. No bad news or anything but a dispointing housing number.

    Earnings still good,

    but today looks like a dump

    there will be a rebound once the sanity returns
  2. until then, you and Bluestreek should play rock paper scissors.
  3. Single digit earnings growth and many misses does not paint a pretty picture going forward when the American consumer is stretched thin.

    Why fight the tape.

    Every one but 16 of the 100 stocks I track is red today. Unbelievable.
  4. if you think this is panic selling........then it`s quite obvious that you have not been around long enough to see panic selling........LMFAO
  5. Gotta love risk free $$$
  6. blast19


    You sound like the guy on the game show who goes from saying "I'm gonna win it all....all $10 million dollars!!!!!" to "I think I can win something...$1 million would really be AMAZING!"

    Are you that guy? Or are you a dip buyer? Tell those markets whose everything....find the most beaten down tech stocks and buy them up.

    Come on, the market needs you to fuel the rallying...100% room to go up!
  7. No no no!! It's "100% up room to go!"
  8. A very rare day

    a complete blue candle matching the white candle created yesterday by the nasdaq

    I havn't seen that in awhile
  10. bond market tank spooking the stock market.
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