This sucks

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  1. Scalping the entire shift to give the profit from the shift all back and just net out 15 bucks... (under 4 bucks an hour)

    This is trading.....Grinding it out

    I love it :)

    Michael B.

    P.S. Perhaps the next shift will be better...
  2. this whole market sucks...

    going nowhere really fast

    beatiful power sideways trend on daily
  3. Confirmed, my timing guy is calling for FLAT market action this afternoon.

  4. ok he is done and now flat...going to the gym in 4 hours and be back at it this evening (Retail Spot Forex). I get the afternoon off!

    Ended up with 0.005% (43 bucks on 107k) Pittiful isn't it...

    These four hour shifts are great, though! But Electric said there is nothing this afternoon. so I am going shopping!


    P.S. Tonight I am going to bag 1% (after I "shopping bag" this afternoon:))
  5. ...
  6. In this kind of mkt, you need to kill the open and just chill the rest of the day. Just look for perfect setups in the afternoon. If you don't, you'll just churn yourself silly.
  7. good advice (like the handle :))

    I wanted to kick off the month screamin' but I guess it will just be the grind :)

    Don't let anybody tell you this is easy money...I am a button pushin' idiot...

  8. Market is just slow today because all of the illegal immigrant traders are boycotting today. They'll be back tomorrow.
  9. Surdo


    All those Mexican Day trader's will be back tommorow.

    Gee, could it have to do with The E-12 Labor Day Holiday today?
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