this story is really off putting of americans.

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  1. No.

    There is an alarming trend of "undone" adoptions that doesn't make the news. Typical, I'd say for our disposable, non commital society. No one takes responsibility or held accountable for anything to anyone, why should kids be any different? They should be but hey, two adults cast of vows when marriage doesn't suit them.
  2. She accused the boy's Siberian orphanage of misleading her about Artem's behavioural problems.

    On the contrary, some adoptees from certain countries have huge behavioral problems, including violence, mental problems, and others.

    This is old news to people who research adopting from other countries. And somehow, I doubt the UK is any better at adoption than the US is...
  3. Years ago, I thought about adopting a couple of Russian teens

    When one hears about what happens when a 16 year old Russian orphan comes to the end of the line and is then dumped on the street, the % of them that commit/become suicides, drug/alcohol addicts, prostitutes, murdered, criminials raped, etc, was something like 70-80%.

    I almost wanted to take every mid-teen Russian female orphan, and feature them on the US news, and say "save these poor kids before they are dumped into the hellhole called a parentless, Russian society two years before they are even real adults..."

    The stories coming out of some countries orphanages makes you want to weep...
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  5. So this miserable slut puts the kid on a plane with a note and some candy, and that's it? She should be brought up on charges and sent to prison, all of which has nothing to do with being an American.
  6. I think what Morganist was trying to say is that a story that makes headlines like this really reflects bad on us as a country. Sure people do crazy stuff like that in every country, but it doesnt usually make the news and people only know what they see and what people see is "American sends kid back to Russia alone"

    Personally I think it was probably the right thing to do. The woman didnt sound like a very good parent anyway and probably would've beat the kid everyday until he ran away.