this story am I the pigeon or is it quantconnect?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by trader221, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. trader221


    In this story am I the pigeon or is it quantconnect?

    I want to order a private jet by credit seeing this

    does it happen to you often?
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  2. guru


    Turn it on live and find out :)
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  3. trader221


    yes its the best way for knowing
  4. did you include fees and slippage? add a slippage model and run it again and see if it still beats SPX
  5. trader221


    Yes moreover the fees make about 45% of the profit (enormously high).
    no I did not integrate the slippage.
    that could be the origin of the problem
  6. JSOP


    Run the backtest again with the slippage integrated. Still a little strange that the fees would be so high. What kind of fees is that? But still even with the fees included, you are still earning $2+ million.

    Let us know what the result is with the slippage integrated.
  7. trader221


    As for commissions, I used the Interactive broker fee model.
    I have not put a slip model but I am currently implementing it.

    I will post the results
  8. trader221


    and I read something that this is the most important part to take into account for a serious backtest