This site supposedly has smart people = Anyone see connection with debt and FED / IMF

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    Sure process of Major Media decreased number of thinkers but this site has pretty sharp people right.

    Does anyone see the connection worldwide between debt and bankruptcy and Private Central Banking such as FED and its mother company IMF

    From Japan to USA

    From UK to Greece.

    I wonder what would happen if we did away with private central banking and Countries in the west printed interest free currency for use by their economy and people.
  2. Its illegal for the government to print money that is not backed by gold or silver. But private central banks like the fed can get away with printing money thats not backed by anything. I would love for us to go back to using gold & silver. Prices would only go up with supply and demand and never with inflation. You would get raises at your job, only if you earned them and not just because cost of living went up, or minimum wage had to be raised because of inflation. There is so much invisble theft that goes on with printed money. If our GDP is 14 trillion and inflation is 3% and our economy grows at 2%, thats about 140 billion dollars of purchasing power that was stolen from the people or basically $450 bucks stolen out of every man woman and childs pocket.

    In 2008 the economy grew by 0.4% and inflation was 3.8%, so that was almost $500 billion stolen from the people, or about $1,600 per person. Over a lifetime and you are talking about some real money!

    There would be some drawbacks, but in my opinion, being on silver & gold is the only FAIR thing to do.
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    The problem with gold and silver is that Private central Bankers have taken all the world's gold and silver already.

    Through various schemes they own all the major gold and silver caches.

    Overall you are completely right and understand the issue. So what are we gonna do about it.

    Nothing I presume :cool:
  4. a little history lesson might be in order. your assignment. were there boom and bust periods in the economy before the central bank was created?
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    Here is a complete history lesson from A to Z for you

    This lesson for you is so complete it even goes back to measuring wooden stick used by kings as contracts.