This Site shoud help you with trading!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by commoditiestrdr, Jan 23, 2008.

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    What is

    I developed this site to help me trade commodities. I put charts, quotes, news, trade recommendations on it.

    I've run out of ideas to help me trade and would like some suggestions. Let me know what you guys think will work!
  2. I like the site, I think it will be good for traders
  3. maxpi


    Wow, you aggregate a lot of stuff there, should keep people occupied.... the look and feel is too businesslike maybe.. maybe the site could be more psychologically welcoming, have more visual appeal...
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    I'm looking to add more tools to it....not sure what will really help. I was thinking maybe crop reports or weather reports
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    Let me know what you guys want to see....what you think will help.
  6. Maybe a section on daytrading eminis
    and Bonds /Notes. You would probably have to hire someone to do that though.
    Nice site !
  7. Great site! I was susposed to be in the gym by now, but have been checking out your site!
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    Great! Tell me what you want to see
  9. Nice job on the site. I would (and I'm sure many others would) like to see e-mini futures there.
    anyway--good going dude!!!
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