This simply has to be the definition of Balls.......

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  1. Jim Cramer
    Bill Miller
    12/3/2008 3:14 PM EST
    I am surprised at the restraint shown to Bill Miller. He has such a horrible record now, why do we care that he thinks the market has bottomed? Judging from his record, he probably thought it bottomed at Dow 13,000.
  2. Hahahahha
  3. cramer aa port last i saw it about a month ago.
    Original Cost $3,804,570.00 Performance results listed here reflect values of stocks as of the close of the most recently completed trading day, and take into account dividends paid, interest earned and actual commissions paid. Results are updated overnight and posted prior to the market open the following business day. The YTD Return figures reflect changes since the first trading day of the current year. The Total Average Return figures reflect changes since 1/1/2002.
    Current Value $2,389,635.00
    Total Average Return -12.08%
    2008 YTD Return -37.19%
  4. great info!!! thanks